Vita X Forskolin – Warning! Is It A Natural Way To Lose Weight Quickly?

Forskolin, also known as Vita X Forskolin, is a fat-burning food supplement that promises its users a slimmer silhouette when combined with a balanced diet and sport. But is Forskolin an effective product? Is the promise of the brand kept? Does Forskolin allow you to lose your extra pounds? To answer all these questions, I made the decision to test for 30 days to try to lose 6 kg. Here is my full opinion on Forskolin and my feedback after a month of use.

In this review on Forskolin, I will give you a little presentation of this food supplement and I will explain how it works. Its advantages and disadvantages will also be given to you as well as my detailed feedback and the results obtained.

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Presentation of Vita X Forskolin

Vita X Forskolin Reviews

As mentioned in the introduction, Vita X Forskolin is a food supplement for people who want to eliminate their extra pounds in a simple way. Forskolin is composed of natural ingredients including forskolin extract, a natural substance from a tropical plant called Coleus from India, Coleus to Forskolin or Coleus Forskohlii. This plant has been used for centuries and is known for its slimming properties, but also medicinal. Moreover, this plant is now used as a treatment for obesity.

To help you lose weight, Forskolin will boost the metabolism and allow the body to burn calories once you are in action. Forskolin extracts also promote thermogenesis (heat production by the body through the transformation of fat into energy) for rapid weight loss.

The properties can thus be brief as follows:

Fat Burner.

Improves blood circulation.

Stimulates memory.

Weight loss.

Stimulates the metabolism.

How Does Forskolin Work?

So I ordered my Forskolin box directly from the manufacturer’s official website. Delivery is free and the page dedicated to online payments is completely secure. I received my package a few days after having ordered it.

Note: the site often gives interesting discounts. At this moment, for two bottles purchased, you will receive one free and for three orders, three will be offered. Another advantage: a 60-day money back guarantee is also offered. This is valid for all lots Vita X Forskolin.

The box Vita X Forskolin contains 60 pills of white and red color. Each capsule contains 250 mg of Forskolin, but also magnesium stearate and brown rice flour. Because of its composition, Forskolin is very popular with vegetarians who want to lose weight.

As for the dosage, two capsules are to be taken per day (to reach 500 mg of Forskolin). You can swallow your capsules during meals or simply with a large glass of water (for my part, I opted for the first solution).

Whatever your choice, never exceed the 500 mg daily dose.

My Testimony and Detailed Feedback

After trying several diets to lose my 6 kg in excess, it is clear that I cannot eliminate them. If yes, I manage to eat balanced, I often fall in between meals. To remedy this problem is to try to lose my extra pounds, so I decided to buy a natural food supplement. At first, I didn’t discern where to go. So I made inquiries on the internet and my sister-in-law, advised me Vita X Forskolin. She had tested herself for two months and she was very happy with the result: -8 kg. After listening to her testimony, I decided and ordered my Vita X Forskolin box.

And then, it must be said that with the money back guarantee I was not risking much. If this food supplement did not suit me, it was enough for me to send it back for a full refund.

Of course, I also took the time to seek the advice of my doctor before buying my box to give me his permission.

So, did Forskolin have any positive effects on me? Have I reached my final goal? Have my terrible extra pounds been lost? Here is my opinion on Vita X Forskolin.

Note: during my month of use, I adopted a healthier diet (no nibbling between meals) and I started to do more sports (30 minutes of walking + 2 hours of running on Saturday).

My First Day With Vita X Forskolin:

Like every morning, I had breakfast before going to work: a cup of coffee, two buttered sandwiches, a yogurt and an orange juice. Before taking it, I took my first Forskolin pill with a full glass of water. I then went to work. At 10 am I took my usual coffee break and at around 12 pm, I had my lunch: rice with a slice of turkey and a yogurt with fruit. Hunger was at the rendezvous. As soon as my lunch is over, I like to walk for half an hour in the park next to my work. It allows me to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. During the afternoon, I did not eat anything (while in general, I crack for a cake around 16h).

In the evening, hunger was still there. So I took my second Forskolin capsule with a glass of water and ate a tomato salad, a chicken fillet, and a plain yogurt.

The Result of My First Day:

No tiredness felt.

The good mood at the rendezvous.

Hunger well present.

The pleasure of eating felt.

Day 2 to 7: My First Week With Vita X Forskolin:

Like every day, I started my day with a full breakfast: a cup of coffee, two buttered sandwiches, a yogurt and an orange juice. I also swallowed my Forskolin capsule. During my morning work, I had my coffee at 10 o’clock and at noon, I went for lunch. That day, I had prepared steamed vegetables, a chopped steak, and an apple. I finished my meal and then went to market 30 minutes as every day.

In the afternoon, I had no snack and in the evening I swallowed my second Forskolin pill and had dinner with grated carrots, a piece of ham cake and a plain yogurt.

My Record of This Second Day

The feeling of hunger is still there.

I do not feel tired.

I sleep well.

Day 8 to 21: I Keep Going

During the next two weeks, I continued with my two Vita X Forskolin capsules a day. In terms of my diet, nothing has really changed: in the morning, I continue to take my usual breakfast, at noon I manage to finish my meal as the evening. Since I started taking Forskolin, I have managed to avoid the temptation of snacking between meals. It was difficult the first week because I am very greedy, but today, I arrive there.

Day 22 to 30: The Last Straight Line

On the 22nd day, I decided to weigh myself (the first time since I started taking it): – 6 kg. So I reached my ideal weight!

During the last week, I continued with my two daily Forskolin pills and continued to eat normally. I also continued my thirty minutes of walking a day and my two hours of running on weekends.

The 1st of the following month, I am back on the scale to weigh me and discover the number of pounds lost during my month with Forskolin: -600 g displayed on the scale. I lost 6.6 kg in total. A real satisfaction! It is, therefore, unnecessary for me to use the money back guarantee.

The Advantages and Disadvantages Felt

Like any dietary supplement, Vita X Forskolin has advantages and disadvantages. After taking it for 30 days, I can now give you an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.

Vita X Forskolin Pros:

The weight loss is real and natural thanks to the stimulation of the metabolism.

The energy is boosted. As a result, no feeling of tiredness is felt.

The good mood is not tainted.

Easy to take capsules.

Interesting discounts on the site.

Money-back guarantee which allows you to start Forskolin with confidence and without any risk.

Vita X Forskolin Cons:

During my month of use, I did not feel any side effects. However, here are some precautions to take into account:

Vita X Forskolin is not recommended for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Pregnant and nursing ladies ought not to take Forskolin.

This nourishment supplement is additionally not suggested for individuals under 18 years.

Anyway, do not forget to ask your doctor’s advice before taking the first Vita X Forskolin capsule so that it gives you the green light. Indeed, even if the composition of this dietary supplement is 100% natural, this fat burner can become an aggravating factor in case of serious pathologies.

What is My General Opinion About Vita X Forskolin?

After taking 30 days Forskolin, I can now say that this dietary supplement is effective. Indeed, the latter had a positive effect on me: loss of my 6 kg in excess without suffering any harmful effect. During my month of use, I certainly adopted a healthier and balanced diet, but I still managed to finish my meals and I never lost the feeling of pleasure.

Today, I do not take Vita X Forskolin anymore, but I always eat balanced, I continue to practice sport and I do not nibble between meals. My weight has also stabilized.

If the effects of Forskolin have been positive on me and if this food supplement helped me lose my 6 extra pounds, keep in mind that each person is different. Indeed, not all morphologies are the same. Thus, if some will be able to lose quickly, for others, the results will be longer to obtain.

If you too, want to use Forskolin to lose weight. Do not forget to order your box (is) on the official website of the brand. You will be sure to buy the genuine Vita X Forskolin and you will also enjoy attractive discounts and a money back guarantee. Also be sure to follow the indicated dosage, i.e. 2 capsules per day.

Given the conclusive results of this fat burner on me, my opinion on Vita X Forskolin is so very positive. I can only advise people wishing to lose weight.

Also, remember that Forskolin is effective only when combined with a healthy lifestyle. If you do not follow this recommendation, the effects of this fat burner will not be visible and you may be disappointed.

Finally, if you practice bodybuilding, know that Vita X Forskolin is very popular with bodybuilders. Indeed, the actions of this dietary supplement are such that it is an important ally to develop muscles in a sustainable way.

Vita X Forskolin is, therefore, an effective and interesting dietary supplement for people who want a little help to lose weight. Very simple to use, you just need to take two capsules a day to enjoy the slimming effect and other benefits of this fat burner. Vita X Forskolin is also a product with multiple benefits and which does not present adverse effects on health. Anyway, before you start taking Forskolin, do not forget to seek the advice of your doctor.

Do you hesitate to buy it? Remember that a money back guarantee is granted and that many interesting promotions are offered on the site. Thanks to these, you can buy your boxes at the best price and start taking your dietary supplement serene.

Vita X Forskolin