Valgomed – Silicone Gel Bunion Separator Really Work? Must Read Reviews!

Valgomed – There are millions of people suffering from Alluce Valgo in the world. It appears in different sizes and states to different people. From the name, we can understand that the disease mainly affects the big toe. It is defined as an unnatural protuberance that appears at the base of the big toe and causes various problems to the patient. It develops when the bone or the joint moves out of its position.

People who suffer from hallux valgus find it difficult to be comfortable in shoes; they walk with a lot of discomforts, especially with footwear. When a person suffers from hallux valgus it is difficult to pretend not to be afflicted as it interferes with each step. The big toe is very important in supporting the weight of the body.

The consequences of hallux valgus include swelling, irritation, joint pain, redness, numbness, hardening of the skin, pain in movement, difficulty in wearing shoes, development of arthritis in the big toe, movement of the second toe.

It is never just one particular cause of the hallux valgus, there are many factors that contribute to its development. Apart from this, there have been many cases of hallux valgus of a genetic nature. The various factors include:


Abnormal structure of the bones of the foot

Incorrect walking style

Too much pressure on the joint

Wear tight footwear

Wear high heels for long periods

Hereditary factor

Low plant arch, unlinked joints, and tendons can also cause hallux valgus.

Treating hallux valgus takes time and lots of money, especially when talking about surgical treatment and physiotherapy. You no longer have to worry about this with Valgomed from the hallux valgus, since he thinks about solving the hallux valgus problems.

What is Valgomed?

ValgomedValgomed is a unique medicine made from hypoallergenic silicone created by orthopedic surgeons to correct hallux valgus in all the various stages of deformation. It is designed so that it can be worn with all types of footwear. It also adjusts the erroneous movement of the bones without pain or surgical operations.

This product has been subjected to clinical tests and laboratory procedures and has been found to be effective also to combat the formation of fluid cavities in the afflicted area. Eliminates the pain and discomfort associated with walking and prevents swelling and bruising.

Functioning of Valgomed and Ingredients

It is made of a flexible and elastic material that is worn over the big toe and protects the skin from forming bruises while being rubbed, thus eliminating clutches, bruises, and calluses. It allows the skin to heal completely.

The silicone support prevents further deformation of the hallux bone. It aligns it back to the second toe, restructuring the foot over time and reducing pain.

Composition of Valgomed

Silicone: silicon is a polymer extracted from silicon or sand. It is artificial and produced by passing it through hydrocarbons and oxygen. It is flexible, resistant and can withstand pressure. It is also resilient to crushing. Its flexibility is necessary to prevent the big toe from being in a wrong position, allowing it to move freely only in the correct area.

It is also resistant to odors and stains. The sweat produced by the body can be absorbed by most materials, such as those of shoes, and therefore cause the strong smell with time but the silicone cannot absorb it and therefore remains without strong odors.

It is a hygienic and hypoallergenic material that does not contain pores to develop bacteria. This gives you security from infections. This also means that it does not cause skin irritation.

Customer Reviews:

I am 43 years old and like many others, I suffered a lot as I walked. I’ve never had problems in my youth. The hallux valgus got seriously worse and I tried many types of footwear to remove the pain. My foot did not want to know absolutely! Even at home, I could not wear slippers because the pain was unbearable. One day I went to the store to buy new shoes. I tried different brands but nothing was fine. I was so angry that the clerk asked me what the problem was. I told her about my hallux valgus and she recommended Valgomed to me. He told me that she had the exact same problem and that now everything is fine and that she can wear all the shoes she wants. I believed her and I immediately ordered Valgomed from hallux valgus. I am satisfied to affirm that its workings. He helped me tremendously.

Zhang Li

I’m a dancer. I’m not famous but I always try to “shine” on stage. In any case, it’s not as simple as it appears. At one point I could no longer stay on the tips. My feet twisted and hurt. If for many people the big toe is simply annoying to me it symbolized the end of my career. I accidentally found Valgomed – one of my colleagues recommended it to me. I asked what it was and she told me about the support. He even gave me a try and I was amazed by the result. Now I can dance again at the same level as before the accident. And to think that I was about to leave the dance completely.

Raquel Taylor

Valgomed Price:

A Valgomed package from hallux valgus, with two included supports, can be purchased for $ 32. In European countries, it can be purchased for around $ 55. The price changes depending on the position and exchange rates.

Where Does Valgomed Buy?

Remedy Valgomed can be purchased directly from manufacturers by visiting their website by placing the order by filling out the questionnaire with the required details. The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money back guarantee with 100% guaranteed repayment, and 5-10 days delivery. There are no shipping costs.

Valgomed Reviews