Privacy Policy

The policy set out below is applicable to, a property administered by Dr Oz Diet Plan SRI, unless otherwise noted.

Policy for Internet users under 18 years old

No information from users under the age of 18 is used for commercial or other purposes by Selection. Unless otherwise specified at the time of the seizure, Dr Oz Diet Plan does not give to a third party, for any use whatsoever, any information that could lead to the identification of a user under the age of 18, regardless of the source of the information.

Notice to Parents: If your child has submitted information on any of the Dr Oz Diet Plan websites and you would like to contact us, please do so by one of the methods listed below.

Collection of personal information

When you voluntarily submit your personal information – for example, to subscribe to a review – we retain your information strictly for that specific purpose.

If we want to use your personal information, we will notify you in advance in the following situations:

To send you to offer for our products or invitations to participate in our sweepstakes by mail, we will first notify you of our intention and you may refuse to receive them.

To send you e-mails containing offers for our products or vouchers for our sweepstakes, we will first contact you to obtain your formal consent.

Occasionally, we may disclose your personal information to reputable companies whose products may be of interest to you – unless you prefer not to buy them.

Choice of privacy protection

Receiving Dr Oz Diet Plan emails is optional. Internet users are free to have their name crossed out by following the instructions given at the end of each email. To learn more about removing a name from the list, click here.

Internet users who do not wish to receive correspondence or telephone calls from Dr Oz Diet Plan or from a reputable company that has access to the names can simply email at [email protected] or write to the address below.

To see his profile or make a modification, or to have more information on how to view his profile or make a modification, just click here.

For general questions, the user can access the Customer Contact Center by clicking here. Reader’s Dr Oz Diet Plan will retain the sender’s message and e-mail address, as well as any reply that may be made to it for customer service purposes only.

Hypertext links to other websites

Dr Oz Diet Plan websites may include hypertext links to websites of other companies not affiliated with Dr Oz Diet Plan. Please note that Selection cannot review the content of these sites and assumes no responsibility for such content.

Cookies and server files

Selecting Reader’s Dr Oz Diet Plan, its servers and advertisers sometimes use cookies. Cookies are codes stored on the user’s hard drive that improve navigation. All browsers do not accept cookies, but those who do so give users the choice to accept or reject them. If the browser does not accept cookies, the user may not be able to take advantage of the benefits offered on DrOzDietPlan’s websites, including registration and registration for contests, sweepstakes.

Server files enter certain data that cannot be used to identify the user, such as the time and date of the website visit, the browser and operating system used the IP address, or the name the ISP domain of the user, as well as the URL, used. Reader’s Dr Oz Diet Plan uses this information globally to improve its system if necessary and to provide content that is compatible with the user’s navigation systems. In accumulation, cookies may return readapted demographic or other data associated with data that you happily submitted to us for example, your email address, and in a form that is not human readable. To refuse these cookies or to learn more about them, consult the Click Here

In addition, the emails we send may contain code called Web Beacon. This code allows us to understand the time and date of when a user opened an email and when he used a link in the email to visit a website. Our web beacons do not collect personally identifiable information. Visitor desiring to disable our web inspirations should do so by disabling or disagree with the images in their email customer (for example, Outlook Express, Outlook). You can also view information and resources related to your email address or email client for more information.

Acceptance of the terms of the privacy protection policy

By using this site, the user signifies their agreement to the terms of the privacy policy. In case of disagreement, do not use this site. Reader’s Dr Oz Diet Plan reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove anytime sections of this policy. It is recommended that you read this page regularly to see if there are any changes. Using the Dr Oz Diet Plan of sites Reader’s after the posting of any changes in the terms of the policy means that the user accepted these changes.