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It is not always the age that makes the skin appear dry or cracked. Pigmentation spots or similar appearances often occur much earlier. But instead of applying as much makeup or masking agents as possible, there are other options. This includes, for example, NeuActive. Pigmentation problems or freckles are effectively managed by the serum and make the skin appear again in radiantly young complexion. We just took a closer look and tested the product. Therefore, we summarize below all the helpful information about the product together and thus facilitate your purchase decision, learn how to make your skin brighter by simply using it. And all without makeup or similar interventions that are sometimes detrimental to health.

What is NeuActive?


NeuActive is a serum that brightens the skin with regular application and makes unpleasant phenomena such as freckles or pigmentation problems disappear. But how does that happen? In principle, such problems can arise at any time and the skin is still so young. The causes are very diverse, but the manifestations are often the same. These include, for example, pigmentation marks, moles or freckles. Possible causes include:

  • Genetic background
  • UV rays, sun exposure or artificial tan
  • Hormonal changes
  • Consequences of acne or damaged skin
  • Stress – lack of vitamins
  • Medication
  • Age-Related changes

We cannot prevent many of these events. So sometimes we move without protection to the sun without it shining, because it hides behind the clouds. Often, acne or stress cannot be avoided and our vitamin and hormone balance is not always under control, even if we try so hard. All of these problems, however, it makes up and gives the skin a balanced household that is bursting with youthfulness and looks fresh again.

How Does the NeuActive Work?

The active ingredients are so balanced that the technology allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin cells as deeply as possible. So far there is no comparable product with such an effect. The coloring effect of melanin is also neutralized, the discoloration in areas where it is already increased, the skin is improved. In addition, the effect blocks the reappearance of pigmentation and protects the cells from aggressive environmental factors and stress. In this way, the serum offers a comprehensive range of actions, which the skin needs just in these moments, to make unpleasant phenomena disappear or not to make them worse.

NeuActive Ingredients

But what exactly is in the little miracle cure? We took a closer look at the ingredients and checked what they do in the skin. The manufacturer describes it as ‘Omega Light’, a patented innovation designed using a modern method of molecular design, but using only natural ingredients. Here is a small list of ingredients:

Mulberry extract is known for its effectiveness, which gives the user the right overall tone. This gives the skin shine and it is enriched with all the important vitamins at the same time. White lily extract, on the other hand, prevents affected areas of the skin from becoming darker. The used omega light is illuminated, which avoids hyperpigmentation. Betaine, licorice extract, and lactic acid contribute to the healing process. In the field of improvement vitamin E, rosemary oil and kaolin are used. The recipe is rounded off by the protective complex in which Panthenol and allantoin act. Overall, it is a combination of active ingredients that give the skin back its fresh self and gives the user back a healthy-looking appearance.

Who is NeuActive Suitable For?

NeuActive is suitable for all people who want to lighten their skin to make unpleasant phenomena such as freckles, pigmentation spots or the like disappear. The serum is also suitable for people who have very sensitive skin. Because it contains no parables or artificial colors. Likewise, mineral oils or products of animal origin are dispensed with. The serum is also recommended for people who want to promote the health of their skin or want to hydrate them. The outward presentation of the skin is advanced.

How Does the NeuActive application Work?

The application is completely uncomplicated and is recommended by the manufacturer as follows: A uniform layer is applied to the face and chest. The already affected areas should be created with a little more effort to speed up the processes and impact. In addition, the manufacturer recommends that the serum can also be used as a method to prevent further darkening of the skin and to achieve an even pigmentation of the skin. In this way, the serum achieves the greatest possible result, which comes quickly and really brings the skin to perfection. The application takes place once a day, preferably at night. And you should use it for at least four weeks in order to achieve the best possible success.

What are the Pros and Cons of NeuActive?

NeuActive Trial Offer

Like any beauty product, NeuActive has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you should inform yourself before buying them in order to achieve the greatest possible success with the product. We summarized once what you need to know.

NeuActive Advantages:

  • Easy application
  • Without side effects
  • Also for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
  • Attacks all negative effects on the skin
  • Success already completed in four weeks
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Contains only natural ingredients

NeuActive Disadvantage:

Consistent application required

The benefits are clearly in the foreground because not many beauty products come with so many benefits on the market. It is not only suitable for vegans, it also uses only natural ingredients, which is especially suitable for people who have sensitive skin. The application is therefore recommended in any case. In addition, many do not see the consistent application as a disadvantage, we just wanted to perform it here.

Are There any known NeuActive Side Effects?

Since the production and production of the serum completely do without toxic components or chemical substances, it can be assumed that no side effects occur. Also is dispensed with further additives. Only natural ingredients are used that are tolerated both by people with normal skin and those who have very sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it is advisable to first use the serum in a small spot and to observe the reaction before a nationwide application. This way, you can be very sure that no problems will arise and you can aim for long-term and long-term treatment with the serum.

General NeuActive Test

In a small test that was done over a four-week period, we tried NeuActive once and checked out the results looked. The manufacturer recommends a minimum application time of four weeks. There was not much change within the first two weeks, but we found that there were no more spots in the affected areas of the skin, or they changed in color. Thereafter, the affected areas increasingly faded. What we would like to emphasize here is the naturalness of the ingredients and the good compatibility on the skin. This allowed even the most sensitive testers to show a positive result. The overall satisfaction was very high. A long application is also recommended in order to maintain the achieved beauty then permanently. Only then will you eat for a long time from the successes. Four weeks are always well-appreciated for a basic treatment period,

General NeuActive Experiences

Anyone who looks around for the serum on the Internet and reads testimonials realizes that these are largely consistent with ours, which we experienced with the serum. Many users are very pleased with the effect and are thus striving for a long-term use to maintain the lightened skin. Because that is what has long-term effects: A consistent application is rewarded with a radiant complexion that lasts for a long time. Of course, it should also be mentioned that when you stop the treatment that the skin may appear stained again over time because then their protective coat is lost. Everybody ought to know about that.

What do the NeuActive Costs?

A bottle of serum usually costs 38 dollars, but the manufacturer also offers them at preferential prices on his homepage. However, these offers are limited in time, which is why it is always worthwhile to look at the homepage and then buy a small stock. This can save a lot.

Where can I Buy NeuActive?

Preferably directly on the homepage of the manufacturer. This sells the bottles at a preferential price, which is not necessarily given by other providers. To place an order, it is important to send your request through the website. Afterwards, an operator will contact you to accept and confirm the order. Afterward, the product will be delivered immediately, the payment will finally be made upon acceptance. There is virtually no risk because you only pay when you have received your goods. NeuActive is a clear recommendation from us, as it effectively brightens the complexion and makes ugly spots disappear.

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