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NaturaCel refers to a skincare product developed by the specialist in dermatology and aesthetic medicine named Hannes Runge. The treatment aims to obtain a younger skin through a special anti-wrinkle formula. The product is available for 17 years and women of all ages use the treatment to eliminate incipient or already deeper wrinkles or reduce. The treatment is based on the stimulation of the expression gene called Klotho, which encodes a juvenile protein and keeps it alive and active through the treatment. The doctor learned this skin treatment in the United States and first tested the NaturaCel on his wife. Already after two weeks, he was already able to notice visible results in skin rejuvenation. The treatment is based on the filling of microscopic cavities that are formed inside the skin in order to prevent wrinkles.

What is NaturaCel?

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NaturaCel is suitable for women of all ages. The first wrinkles on the chin and the beginning of crow’s feet, which can already occur in women over the age of 30, disappear practically completely. In women over 40 who have already seen a sagging chin and neck, the skin of a smoother and fresher and more elastic king can be achieved. Even in women over the age of 50 who have deep wrinkles registered around the mouth and nose, these wrinkles can be practically disappeared within a few months. The first successes can already be achieved here within a period of four weeks.

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The effect of NaturaCel is based on three important factors that provide a younger skin, using a special anti-wrinkle formula.

Strengthening the collagen fibers with collagen protein: the skin loses its natural collagen with the aging of the body, which ensures the elasticity of the skin and keeps it taut. The skin fibers weakened by the loss of collagen begin to expand in the context of skin aging, which in turn causes the loss of elasticity of the skin. Through the treatment, it is possible with collagen proteins to prevent the process of relaxation of the skin and not only to stop this but also to ensure the skin a considerable increase in tension.

The wells are filled with hyaluronic acid: the molecules of hyaluronic acid play an important role in wetting the skin. But they also influence the production of collagen. However, these disappear over the years from the skin. By moisturizing the skin tissue and the subsequent delivery with hyaluronic acid that has disappeared, you can fill in wrinkles, which are formed in the aging process of the skin. Thus, the formation of further wrinkles can be interrupted and the existing wrinkles are filled since the hyaluronic acid is able to store its weight several times as water.

The strengthening and tension of the tissue are increased with collagen and elastin: the skin is the result of a disturbance in the closed connective tissue to provide the important supporting fibers with collagen and elastin. The treatment formula aims to stimulate the tissues to re-tighten and tighten the skin and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin.

The NaturaCel Has Many Effects:

Strengthens the skin with collagen proteins

It fills the skin with hyaluronic acid and fills the wells

Strengthens tissues and their tension with collagen and elastin

For Whom is it Suitable For NaturaCel?

Basically, the treatment is aimed at users of both sexes. There is no specific age group that is targeted for treatment. In every age group, there are users who can get a narrowing and therefore an improvement of the skin condition with the treatment. Skin aging begins at about 25 years and, depending on the type and condition of the skin, it may be useful at the age of 30 to take initial treatment measures to compensate for incipient wrinkles. But even at the age of 70, the treatment can still work very well and cause a significant improvement in skin conditions. The treatment can, therefore, take place in any age group and cause either a complete elimination of wrinkles or at least result in a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin in an advanced state of skin aging.

How Does the NaturaCel Effect Work?

The NaturaCel to reduce skin aging is a cream. This means that the product is used instead of skin care that is otherwise used. With the first treatment of the skin, it is already full of collagen and elastin and hyaluronic acid, so that even after the first applications we can recognize a marked improvement in the condition of the skin. The skin is reintegrated by applying the product with moisture and collagen. The contained hyaluronic acid causes an increase in moisture in the skin tissue. This, in turn, ensures that even an already yielding skin appears again plump and taut. Collagen and elastin supplied and the formation of which is also stimulated inside the skin, ensure that the tissue fibers of the skin return to being elastic. This means that the initial or already strong wrinkles relax again and the skin becomes noticeably wrinkled. The manufacturer promises that a marked improvement in the appearance of the skin can be achieved only four weeks after the first application.

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How Does the NaturaCel Application Work?

The application of the NaturaCel takes place in the same way as otherwise the skin care cream is used. This means that the skin is first thoroughly cleaned, as usual in the morning and in the evening. Then the NaturaCel is applied to the skin and gently tapped. The skin should not be torn as with the application of other creams when applied and the product should not be massaged. A slight distribution on the skin through beat movements is completely sufficient. The manufacturer promises such an intense effect in the application of the product, which is expressed here by a laser effect.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of NaturaCel?

NaturaCel Advantages:

Quick skin smoothing

The effects should cause significant skin rejuvenation

The skin is filled with hyaluronic acid and fortified with collagen

The effect is permanent with regular use

The effect is described as intense as a laser treatment

NaturaCel Versus:

No details on other ingredients within the NaturaCel

The effect will last only if the product is used permanently

Are There any Known Side Effects of NaturaCel?

Side effects should not exist and the manufacturer does not notify certain groups of people before using the NaturaCel. However, as no precise information is provided on the ingredients of the NaturaCel on the manufacturer’s website, it is not possible to exclude that certain groups of people are sensitive to certain ingredients.

NaturaCel General Test:

The manufacturer himself states that it is an anti-wrinkle formula specially developed for the NaturaCel product. This suggests that this product in the similar formulation is not commercially available, therefore unique. The younger skin should be reachable with the formula developed by dermatologist Hannes Runge.

It is also described that the effect of the NaturaCel is so intense that the results are comparable to a laser treatment. This promise does not make other skin rejuvenation products available on the market in this form.

Objective quality functions such as the awarding of prizes, awards or certifications are not named on the manufacturer’s website.

General Experiences:

The testimonies of users are constantly positive. Skin rejuvenation effects up to 20 years are described. Dark circles should also be reduced significantly with the use of NaturaCel. It is said that the anti-wrinkle formula of the cream has even prevented users from refraining from surgery because the effect of the NaturaCel was so intense. Even users who have genetically caused premature skin aging are very satisfied with the product. Here, users of all age groups speak for the application of the product.

It should be noted, however, that all reports on the experience of using the NaturaCel are available on the manufacturer’s website. Otherwise, there are no reports on the use of the product on the Internet. About this link here you will find more opinions and customer experience!

What are NaturaCel Costs?

The normal price for the NaturaCel is given by the manufacturer with 149 Euros. However, the amount of product that the customer gets for this is not indicated on the website. The product is packaged in a crucible and it is only approximately possible to estimate how big the container is. However, the manufacturer now offers the NaturaCel at a special price, which is 99 Euros per plate. If this is a temporary offer or if the price is offered permanently on this scale, the client does not learn. In addition, no offers are offered; for example, offer a price scale for the purchase of two or more packages of special product prices.

Where Can I Buy NaturaCel?

NaturaCel cannot be purchased in pharmacies, pharmacies or perfumeries. The source of supply is exclusively the website of the manufacturer through which you can place your order. An advantage that the product can only be ordered through the website, however, lies in the fact that there is a contact option and the customer – even before ordering the NaturaCel with the anti-wrinkle formula can already contact the manufacturer. This means, for example, that information on ingredients can be requested to rule out any incompatibilities with the product for a younger skin. Another advantage of ordering directly from the manufacturer’s website is that in case of dissatisfaction even the empty sales container can be returned and in any case, a full refund of the purchase price is made.