ReGen By Follinique – Hair Fall Solution, Shocking Side Effects & Reviews

FolliniqueHair loss is always annoying, no matter what your age. Because not always is necessarily said that this problem only affects the older generation. Even younger people can lose their hair due to a wide variety of problems. A proper remedy can stop the process, but products on the market are not always as effective. That’s why we once tested Follinique and looked at which ingredients the product works with, what its benefits are, and whether hair loss can be effectively eliminated.



To explain what Follinique is, it’s interesting to first explain where hair loss actually comes from. And it usually arises in its root, the hair follicles. In addition to damage to these but also other causes come into question. Namely too high levels of testosterone in the blood, environmental conditions that are not optimal and other conditions that cause the hair to fail. One thing should be clear: every man every day hair out. Usually, a number of 70 to 100 hairs is normal per day. A worse hair loss is when the number is above. Over time, bald patches and receding hairline appear, as many men know. Follinique addresses these issues and ensures that

How does Follinique work?

Follinique promises a high level of satisfaction. It is certified as safe and sound and the user does not take any risks when using an application. After application, the substances act on the hair follicles and can thus ensure within 48 hours that the empty hair follicle fills again, and a new hair is created. In addition, the active ingredients ensure that the new hair is stronger, thicker and also more durable. It should not turn out so fast.

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Follinique Ingredients:

Of course, it is always advisable and interesting to know what is actually contained in the product. So we checked the list of ingredients and found that they are all natural raw materials used in production. Here is a list of ingredients:

Baikal Skullcap Root Extract

Extract of Soya and Wheat Germ

There are also other ingredients, of which the two above are the most effective. Caffeine also plays a role in the ingredients, which is already known in the field of hair growth. The extracts are so highly concentrated that they stimulate the hair to grow and also bring back the hair follicles. This allows regulated hair growth and regrows healthy and especially strong hair. The substances are so concentrated in the serum that even a small amount is sufficient for the application. Researchers from the Institute for Hygiene and Beauty in Zurich discovered that these ingredients are the key to making hair grow again.

Instruction to use Follinique:

The product is produced in bottles of 60 Capsules. The application is completely simple and safe. For a treatment, just take 2 pills just several minutes before going to bed, until it is completely absorbed. The whole thing is repeated three times a week to see new hair grow in a short time.

Who is Follinique suitable for?

The cause of hair loss is always very different and does not just affect a specific age group. Therefore, the product is suitable for anyone suffering from hair loss. The product is suitable for both men and women. The user should have reached the age of 18, however. It is also recommended that you stick to the leaflet and follow it. So a perfect outcome can be attained. In addition, the product is aimed at patients who have already tried one or the other and thus had no success.

Pros and Cons of Follinique:

Of course, you should check with every health and beauty product, which advantages and disadvantages it brings. So we used the opportunity once and put together everything clearly:


  • Easy application
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Let’s it regrow regained
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • No risk in the treatment
  • Applicable to all causes
  • Suitable for men and women


Not known

The benefits are obvious and speak in favor of simply trying the product. It ensures every success of hair loss a good success and at any age. The hair grows back regulated and stronger than before. In addition, they are not so fast and there is no risk of treatment. Disadvantages are not yet known because the compatibility is also so high by the natural ingredients.

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Are there known “Follinique” side effects?

Unfortunately, there are always other side effects, which damage the scalp again or even break the hair follicles. Thus, a new formation of hair is not possible anymore. In this product, the natural ingredients ensure high compatibility and therefore no side effects are to be feared. If you want to be sure, you should use the product in a small place and convince yourself of the effect.

Research on Follinique:

Of course, we wanted to convince ourselves of the effect and have therefore taken a test. This was done with different subjects of all ages. They documented the results for us so that we could determine a test result. Most reported high confidence, having already tried other remedies, but they had not been effective enough. The highly concentrated Substances that came from natural resources were convincing and appealing to many to try out Follinique. A big advantage comes in the simple application, which was praised by many subjects.

Also, the good feeling with hindsight assure hair that it finally showed effect. And this took place within about three weeks when a slight fluff could be detected at the somewhat blunter places. Over time, and with the consistent and consistent application, more and more hairs appeared, which appeared extremely strong and therefore could contribute very much to a positive result. We were enthusiastic about the results and therefore would like to recommend Follinique.

However, we would like to reiterate that it is important to use Follinique consistently and then to calculate that it will be applied permanently. Because the active ingredients are removed from the hair, it can turn out again. Therefore, it is important to use the remedy continuously.

Testimonials of Follinique:

Of course, we also looked for other opinions on the net, but also found positive feedback mainly when it came to the application and scope of Follinique. Most opinions were enthusiastic. In the negative reports, it was mainly to recognize that the application was not carried out consistently and one forgot it sometimes. Therefore no decisive effect could be determined. This also reflects what we have already proven in our test: regular and permanent use is essential to ensure Follinique’s effectiveness. Then you can also rely on that sprout hair again and you get a great head of hair.

How much it costs?

Usually, such an effective means is always expensive and hardly affordable. Usually, a bottle of 60 Capsules of the product costs 56 $. At the time of the offer, however, it is offered for the price of 37 $. So you save 19 $. This offer should be used to his advantage and in any case strike if the manufacturer offers it for this price.

Where to buy?

Preferably directly from the manufacturer, who sells his products on his own webshop? You can place the order by entering your email address, name, telephone number, address and country of origin in the form on the website and the order will be placed. It cannot get easier. The shipping is free, the payment is cash on delivery. So you take no risk, if you order on the side of the manufacturer, Order Follinique and enjoys all the benefits that bring with it.

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Final Verdict:

Overall, we would like to rate Follinique very positively. It is effective if it is applied in a regulated, durable and consistent manner. The application is simple and only required 3 times a week. In our test, the subjects were very enthusiastic. Not least of the compilation the natural ingredients, which is not always the case with such products. It is very effective because the highly concentrated substances were put together after a careful selection. The reviews on the Internet were consistently good and thus Follinique qualifies for a positive judgment, which we would like to recommend it to others. It can be used for any type of hair loss, no matter what age, with which everyone can benefit. It is a real enrichment in receding hairline and light spots and in just a few weeks, better hair growth is detectable.